The Truth About Vaccinating Your Children

Dr. Bob

Written By: Robert “Dr. Bob” Dabrow

On a daily basis, parents ask me questions about vaccines, vaccine safety, and why we need to continue to vaccinate our children. The answers are simple and straightforward. We want to prevent unnecessary childhood deaths and severe disabilities from infections. The vaccine schedules are designed to protect children, not harm them. In my time in Orlando, I have personally taken care of unvaccinated children who died or were severely impaired from bacterial meningitis, measles, and whooping cough.

Many parents try to do their own “scientific research” on vaccines through television, Internet, magazines, or books that conflict with validated scientific information from multiple professional studies all over the world. This often confuses parents. Despite numerous studies, there is no reliable research linking a relationship between vaccines and asthma, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, SIDS, or autism. If there had ever been harm demonstrated, the regulatory groups would have withdrawn the vaccines from use and made new recommendations. This did happen when we stopped giving live polio vaccine years ago.

Some vaccines contain trace amounts of aluminum, antibiotics, or gelatin, but the quantities are all less than naturally occurring. Specifically, for aluminum, the amounts are even less than can be found in breast milk.

Some parents request a slower or alternate vaccine schedule because they worry about their child getting too many shots. Parents might think thatCelebration of Wellness, February 2019 it’s better to space them out, but that just allows your child to be susceptible to life threatening infections even longer than normal. From the moment of birth, babies are exposed to thousands of different bacteria’s and viruses every day that live on the skin and intestines. The vaccines given in the first two years of life are a raindrop in the ocean of what an infant’s immune system successfully encounters and manages every day.

I like to simplify the questions, so I often ask my patients why they use seat belts or car seats for their children? Isn’t the answer obvious? We love our children and want to protect them. It’s no different with vaccinations.

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