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TeleHealth appointments are a fantastic way to still have your sick little ones evaluated by a provider you trust without leaving your home. TeleHealth visits are fantastic for medicine check-up appointments and consultations about behavioral or mental health concerns.

Celebration Pediatrics: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

Celebration Pediatrics is committed to providing exceptional care for our children. We are implementing changes and updates to add additional layers of protection DAILY, so please continue to check for new information and updates. We want our patients to know that WE ARE OPEN, and WE WANT YOU to continue to bring in your children for their medical needs!!

celebration pediatrics coronavirus response

Desensitized: A summary of Television and Media Violence by Robert D. Sege MD PHF, compiled by Rayyan Anwer

Every child is valuable, and their development is a culmination of learned patterns from exposures through out there life. “Children ≥8 years of age and adolescents in the United States spend an average of >2 hours per day watching television, and at least six hours per day when all types of media are included.” Below are some key points extracted from the above-mentioned article.


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