March 2024 - Celebration of Wellness

March 2024 - Celebration of Wellness

Navigating Virtual Violence

Presented by Rayyan Anwer, MD FAAP

We know that media addiction severely impacts childhood development, resulting in scholastic and behavioral challenges. As parents and caregivers, managing media exposure in our children is a constant balancing act. Below is a great article on how to navigate an important aspect of media exposure, which is violence in media. The article is titled:

Virtual Violence:
How Does it Affect Children?
By: David L. Hill, MD, FAAP

Since the earliest motion pictures, adults have worried about how children would respond to violent imagery. Now that mobile screens offer kids unlimited access to violent images and videos, we have even more to worry about.

As a parent or caregiver, you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of how virtual violence can affect your child. But there are practical steps you can take to protect kids of all ages, helping them place what they see and hear in a healthier context.

Understanding what virtual violence means in your child’s world Virtual violence is any act of aggression your child might absorb through TV, movies, video games, social media and other digital channels. It includes the simulated violence in blockbuster films and amateur videos and the animated violence embedded in cartoons and interactive games. News reports of real-life tragedies also deliver an endless loop of virtual violence that young people see and hear 24/7.

Keep in mind that virtual violence isn’t limited to instances of physical harm. Aggressive, threatening, racist or hateful statements can be just as damaging to children who witness them.

What children see (or play) influences how they behave Decades of research link virtual violence to aggressive thoughts, feelings and actions in children. And even though we’re still learning about the effects of violent content video games and social media, experts agree that kids are deeply influenced by brutality wherever they experience it.

Witnessing violent acts – whether real or simulated – may give kids the sense that aggression is normal and acceptable. This may lead them to act out what they see and hear, especially if they witness violence at home or in their communities. Newer studies show that exposure to virtual violence can trigger mental health struggles, including depression and anxiety.

It’s worrisome enough to think of the short-term effects on our children. But long-term studies also show that exposure to virtual violence in childhood leads to aggressive behavior in adulthood, even when people stop consuming violent media in later years.

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What clients are saying ...

Dr Bob has been seeing my twins since they got out of the NICU and we love him. Very attentive, very nice, knowledgeable and understanding.

We recently moved so now it takes us up to 45 minutes to get there when it used to take us 15 minutes but we’ll never change doctors.

The office is always clean and the staff is super nice, highly recommended
Erika Nani - Jun 28, 2022
I love Celebration Pediatrics. The office staff is so kind and always willing to accommodate me when I need a last minute appointment or to reschedule. The doctors and nurses are also incredible.

My family loves Dr. Anwer, he is a remarkable doctor. You can tell he is very passionate about his career and genuinely loves his patients which is so important. He doesn’t treat my kids like just another patient but instead takes his time to ask questions and really understand our concerns.

I really could not recommend this office and Doctor enough!
Paola Vecco - June 22, 2022
The entire staff as you walk in are AMAZING!!! They greet you with smiles answer all questions and treat your child like it was their own.

There was no wait time and super super friendly!!! I am so happy they took great care of us. Dr. C is Amazing too!! Super great listener and. Wonderful dr.

Although we are new there she seemed like she knew and understood very well my sons asthma conditions!! Thanks everyone!!! Lots of love for you all!❤️❤️❤️ Sincerely, Happy Mommy 😃😃😃💯💯💯💯
Linda Sosa - March 23, 2022
This was our first visit with this center, and it was incredible, the registration was fast, the waiting time to go to the room was short, and the best of all this was the wonderful treatment of Dr. Toma with our daughter was incredible

Our daughter said for the first time that she loved going to the doctor and that the doctor was very funny and kind to her, and like a parents made us feel safe, she explained everything to us, the treatment towards us was wonderful, recommended a thousand percent,

Dr. Toma is wonderful. Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Awilda Garcia - Feb 15, 2022
Fantastic doctors, nurses, and staff! Patient, listen, educate, answer every question, and spend adequate time with each patient.

I have found that the doctors at this location are intelligent and educated in a wide realm of topics which makes the experience much richer, especially when it is your first child!

Quick to get patients a visit when needed and we usually don’t wait more than 5-10 min to be seen.
Jordan McKinney - Jan 31, 2022
We are very happy and pleased to have found this place for our girls. We have recently moved from another state and the transition to this office was very smooth.

The staff was so helpful in making sure that the needed records for our girls were obtained from our prior provider. Our girls also loved the visit with NP Janil.

Would highly recommend this office.
K. Abegail Faleiros - March 28, 2022
We had our first newborn appointment at the practice and felt so comfortable. Monica was very easy to talk to and eased some of our little worries as first time parents.

She was patient, sweet, and very knowledgeable!

We left our appointment feeling very secure and with the practice that we chose!
Jenna Miles - April 11, 2022
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